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The interest in environmental aspects of paper products differs among different users. Paper producers often receive extensive questionnaires related to paper and environment from customers. Paper Profile has been designed to supply relevant environmental information satisfying customer needs. Paper Profile is a tool to gather information on a paper product's environmental credentials in order to make well informed product choices.

When using the Paper Profile one should note that different products have different environmental characteristics, depending on the production processes applied. Local environmental conditions of the production site are another important aspect to take into account. Therefore Paper Profile is not necessarily suitable for comparing or ranking products environmental impact directly.

Stakeholders interested in the local or regional impact of a specific paper mill are advised also to use mill specific information (e.g. environmental reports if available) as an information source.

Paper Profile forms are intended to be used solely by Paper Profile member companies. Member companies are responsible for the data published on the Paper Profile forms. Paper Profile organisation does not assume any responsibility or liability for any data published by member companies or for any misuse of the Paper Profiles forms.

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