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  What is Paper Profile?

Paper Profile is a uniform declaration for presenting environmental product information. It covers relevant environmental aspects related to pulp and paper production including product composition and emissions, wood procurement and environmental management as average data within a specific reporting period. Paper Profile enables the professional paper buyer to make well informed product choices. Paper Profile is a registered trademark in many countries around the world.

Ongoing consolidation in the forest and paper making industry underlines the global nature of the paper production industry and its customers. Paper Profile is the first initiative that can be used for paper in all markets.

Collecting and compiling the information for the declaration is based on standardised common calculation guidelines.

The key parameters that are declared in the Paper Profile primarily relate to the production of pulp and paper. The Paper Profile provides those parameters that are considered to give the best general picture of a mills environmental performance to authorities and thereby gives a good environmental characteristic of a specific product on one single page.

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